The Fraser fir, Abies fraseri, is a species of fir native to the Appalachian Mountains of the Southeastern United States. Abies fraseri is closely related to Balsam fir, of which it has occasionally been treated as a subspecies or a variety.

The species Abies fraseri is named after the Scottish botanist John Fraser (1750–1811), who made numerous botanical collections in the region. It is sometimes misspelled “Frasier,” “Frazer” or “Frazier.”

The Fraser fir is quickly becoming the most premium species of the cut Christmas tree market. The Fraser has many desirable characteristics, especially its amazing needle retention; it’s colloquially referred to as the “no shed” tree. The Fraser fir is also characterized by heavy density, with rich colors of platinum silver and deep bluish green.

Mattern’s Pine Ridge Nursery specializes in Fraser Fir on our Lafayette, Indiana tree farm. Find all of your Christmas Tree and decoration needs here.


3 Feet, 3.5 Feet, 4 Feet, 4.5 Feet, 5 Feet, 5.5 Feet


Trees are hand-dug and come “bagged and balled” in burlap. Trees may be left unplanted after they are dug for a maximum of ten (10) days. Dug trees come with no warranty or guarantee.


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